A bit of freshing up

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Last February, I volunteered at New Dreams Cambodia Kids, teaching English to poor village kids.
The free school is solely financed by donation and Kim own’s earning from his tuk-tuk services. Needless to say money is a scarce resource and Kim is doing the best he can.
So condition in the school were not as best as we should wish for. Room were dark and, for one entire class, the kids had to sit on the floor.
Then, Paul Bane Smith showed up and decided to stick around to help out Kim and the kids.

When I came back 3 months, I realised how much this guy have done, thanks to his time, energy and dedication.
Brand new lighting, fresh paint on the wall, new set of tables and chairs, standing fans. Even one computer with WIFI connection.
Obviously kids are so happy as conditions are much better now. And myself, I was very impressed.
We are still far from our objective but thanks from the donation of everyone we are on track.
But Kim and the kids still need all the help they can get.


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