Fundraising campaign update

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Last February, we launched a fundraising campaign to help Kimlean financing New Dreams Cambodia Kids.
The support we received so far have been amazing. As of today, we have collected $20,150. Many thanks to everyone who have donated.

Our two objectives in sight

Our first objective has been achieved quickly. We bought the$2,500 charity licence in order to register the school as a Non Governmental Organisation. This major step was a requisite to any sustainable future for the school.
The second and main objective is to buy a land in order to build a brand new full-time school for over 100 Cambodian children.
This has been a more arduous task than we thought.
Paul Smith, who has been running operations on the ground since February, put a lot of time, energy and money to make things move forward.
We were about to lose a $5,000 deposit made on the land due to lack of payments.
But thanks to Paul’s negotiating skills and numerous payments from his own pocket, we managed to get an extension from the landlord.

The last mile

We are now $5,000 away from owning that land. We have to collect this money by the end of August-31st in order not to lose the land.
We are so close!
The last mile is always the most difficult. We really need everyone’s help to succeed.
So if you can donate as little or as much as possible it will go a long way in securing the land.
And also don’t hesitate to share as it will help us to build awareness around our project.


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