Our Work


We believe education is a key factor in the fight against poverty and that every child have the unalienable right to access quality basic education.

New Dream of Cambodian Children provides free education through an approach that emphasize sustainable education.

NDCCO works with the local village chief to target the families in the most need by offering them a place at the school.

Most jobs in Siem Reap being in the hospitality services, English is required to access employment. By providing free English lessons to underprivileged kids, we offer them greater employability.

Today, we are providing free English lessons, five days a week, to over 200 kids range 6-17 years old.

School Meals

Among underprivileged families, there is often not enough food at home. Children are often kept at home or sent to work as early as age 7, as their families face poverty and hunger.

Offering twice a day an on-site nutritious meal to students, provides vital nourishment as a safety net for them and their families and helps to keep the children at school.

Community Support

Families in poverty living in the slums areas, who have been discarded and deserted are usually illiterate, suffering sickness, disability or exploitation.

NDCCO thrive to keep families united with their children through our community support. Our objectives are to develop self-reliance and self empowerment both in individuals and within the village community.

Our support takes different forms ranging from providing big bags of rice, bicycles to kids to go to school, replacing a roof, or medicine.